About Us

As a physician , whenever i suggest weight loss to my patients , they all give me a trivial look of " Hey doc , we know that we need to lose weight for better health but you tell us how as we have tried it all ".

It is like a reality check because the methods out there for losing weight have some  fundamental flaws as they either take you away from your natural normal life or they leave you at a dead end as what to do next after those three weeks of  dieting,  is anybody's guess. This basic  flaw,  is the no 1 contributor towards unsustainable long term weight loss , as you really don't  know what to do next or how to do it ?.For example , CALORIES COUNTING is quite popular but the biggest flaw it has is  that it doesn't teach you how to distribute your calories along the day . If your calories counter tells you that you have 500 Kcal left at 8 PM at night and you take it and go to sleep then you are never gonna  be able to lose weight as at that time of the day,  there is no utilization by the body of these calories,  so you end up stuck.

Similarly , if  you start taking DETOX DIET,  for eg , you can't take that for rest  of your life , so, how will  you manage yourself afterwards when you come back to your normal eating routines?.

This common scenario led to the conception of  iSLIM SOLUTIONS. We combined different  scientifically proven weight loss methods into a single programme of iSLIM  SOLUTIONS with core intention of taking away the common pitfalls , confusions and shortcomings of different  weight loss methods . The emphasis on developing a complete diet routine regarding meal timings , portions , healthy cooking methods , substituting the common foods with healthier alternatives makes this programme unique . 

Our  team of a  physician and nutritionists have worked very hard in making it an extremely user friendly and smart application that is full of intelligent features and  works as your personal hand held nutritionist.

No need to wait for the weight loss miracle as the only miracle you need is iSLIM SOLUTIONS , your complete weight loss lifestyle!