Diet and Weight Lose Tips

As a starting point,reducing 500-1000 calories intake from your daily caloric requirement will not cause drastic lifestyle changes and will lead to around 1-3 pounds/week loss.

ITS NOT A RACE.Consistency and sustainability is the order of the day and there is nothing more horrible then to lose quickly and gain back even quicker.

This is one of the most common scenarios that we have observed.You have had a hectic day and didn't have time to grab a bite.You reach home and have a meal lets say 400 calories meal.

When you go to scales, it is  astonishingly on the wrong side of the numbers you are looking at .WHY??????????

Well,our bodies work on demand and supply.If you are running ,the caloric requirement is higher than when you are lying on the bed reading a book.If you take  a high calorie meal at night and then go to sleep,because of the very low demand,most of the calories will be stored as fat even though you have stayed within limits of your daily caloric requirement.

Distribute your calories so that you take up around 2/3rds till afternoon and rest in the evening.

Space your meals in a way that there should not be more than 5 hours difference between your meals or snacks.Because if you skip or eat late,the chances of you having food cravings or indulging in binge eating will be far greater and while following a weight loss program,these are your no 1 enemies.

Work for the bigger goal and being healthier is far bigger and important then being slimmer.

We have to understand that we may loose weight by dieting,low-carb diet or various FAD diets that are out there but this way will never lead to a healthier you.If we work for a healthier body then we have to make better changes throughout our life.Like switching to low fat dairy,reducing fats,doing more exercise ,eating more fruits and vegetables etc will bring good effects to not our looks but to the working of our bodies as well.

And a healthier body cannot be an obese body.

Leave no doubt about it.It is the most important meal of the day and in many ways.

It provides you with the energy in the beginning of the day,stabilizes sugar levels and various hormones that are very important for well being of our bodies.Studies have proven that people taking regular breakfast against those that don't were more healthier,slimmer and successful in achieving and maintaining their weight goals.

As soon as you will accept that there is NO MIRACLE DIET that will help you loose weight ,the soon you will open up to adopting healthy changes into your life.

And consistency of these changes is the key to weight loss effort.Few days of eating more fruits and veggies will only give you short term results whereas making healthy changes and sticking to them will lead to a profound and sustainable success.

We all know that being physically active is one of the fundamentals of good health.

It will be brilliant if one can have a daily sustainable physical activity routine.

At the same time little changes help a lot ,for example,start going to the farther convenience store,maybe start using the restroom on the top floor,going to a friends home by walking occasionally,throwing the garbage at a distant bin etc.

Be imaginative and look around and you will realize that there are tons of activities you can do that will increase your physical activity levels .These little steps may seem to be very benign but there is no doubting the cumulative effect is a healthier and smarter you. 

Keep reminding yourself that there is always a better alternative to what and how we eat.

Feel like eating a cheese burger,why not pass on the cheese ,why not pass on the sauces,better still,why not cook the burger in your home using leaner beef,roasting the patty,doubling on the veggies and using whole wheat buns?

You will be amazed how little you have to compromise in order to eat healthier.

There is concrete evidence that the persons who keep a record of their food are more successful in achieving their weight loss goals.

Track food,your emotional triggers ,physical activity,identify patterns of eating and food cravings and keep on questioning yourself where you can improve more.Step by step,make little changes and the weight loss in not that far away. 

Plan a portion and always cook or buy your food accordingly.If you have planned on eating a single chicken breast ,cook or buy a single chicken breast .

It's simple,if you won't have it,you won't eat it.

We have all experienced it,haven't we?Eating pizza as dinner ,we sit in our couch relaxing ,watching tv and suddenly there is the sight of that leftover pizza and suddenly its in our mouth comforting us .And then we wake up in the morning feeling a little guilty.

So,the message is simple,if you don't see it,you won't eat it.

Whenever you feel thirsty or want to have a drink , start substituting your soft drinks with water .Not only its healthier,water works the best for quenching your thirst and is wonderful in improving your metabolism as well.

Just to give you an example,you need to walk briskly for around 30 mins to burn calories you get in 1 can of carbonated beverage .SCARY,isn't it?

Imagine, how much calories you can reduce just by replacing drinks with water. 

We require motivations in life and this cant be more relevant than for weight loss.Have a picture of you where you look your heaviest and a picture of how you want to  look at hand and use them as your motivators to fight off the times when your will power seems a little shaggy.

Every scientific study ever done has consistently reported that the worst time to eat is that late night snacking.So brushing your teeth soon after dinner will give you that fresh and clean feeling and help you fight the off-time snacking.

Who hasnt experienced sugar cravings?. The thing to remember is that there is always a better alternative available.Try replacing the choclate bar with healthy sweet fruits like apple,banana or maybe a delicious nutritious date.

Even chewing on a sugar free gum will help you fight the craving as well.

One of the oldest tips that  has stood the test of time and repeated scientific evaluations is as simple as reducing the portion size of your food and drinks.

Change the plate to a smaller size and the glass to longer and slimmer one.

Be smart about the contents of your meal and diversify them.Eating pasta and bread will only overshoot the portion of carbs you should be taking.So,eat a mix of a little protein,some carbs,a little amount of good quality fat and fiber.